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Replaceable fuel filters are used in over 130 million vehicles on the road today.

Gasoline, Diesel, Inline and Cartridge Fuel Filters.

Bosch uses premium quality materials, modern production methods and expertise about the injection system to engineer fuel filters. Fuel filter replacement at manufacturer-specified intervals will maintain high performance and prolong the life of the engine. Avoid inconvenient breakdowns and costly repairs by replacing the current fuel filter with a quality Bosch Fuel Filter.

The Diesel fuel filter protects the injection system and the engine against particles such as water, dirt and other residue in the fuel that can be harmful for the important components of the fuel system. To ensure engine protection, Bosch Diesel Fuel Filters filter down to as low as 6.5 microns* which means Bosch Diesel Fuel Filters will help prolong the life of the engine.

Bosch engineers two types of fuel filters, depending on the type of vehicle being serviced. Consult vehicle owner‘s manual before you change your fuel filter to ensure the correct one is chosen.

No. Not all competitors use the quality materials that Bosch prides itself on using. Lower quality materials may not provide the same level and length of protection to the vehicle's fuel system and engine.


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