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No, because our gears have the capabilities of communicating with other vehicle systems we will also read out DTC’s associated to those systems as well. You may get some DTC’s that have nothing to do with the Steering Gear itself.

The number one difference between an APA gear and a Dual Pinion gear is that an APA gear is a belt driven ball and nut design. A dual pinion gear is a rack and pinion design assisted by a second pinion.

No, Due to the software and gear specification each of our gears is designed specific to the OE vehicle application.

Yes, if you have a leak in a pump, reservoir, or hose and are not getting the correct fluid amount to a steering gear this can cause a heavy feeling when steering.

The inability to communicate with a Steering Gear can potentially be attributed to a few different things. “Power” Check the voltage going to the gear and make sure it is between 11-16 volts. Also ensure that the ground wire is properly connected and you have no blown fuses as well. “Wiring” Check to make sure that the communication wires are sending a signal to the Steering Gear. The gear must have power and communication to operate. “Flashing Issue” If there were issues during the flashing process of a replacement gear, this can result in the gear being stuck in a boot loader mode and the gear will not function.

Modification of the steering wheel angle by usage of an electronically controlled superposition gear (Planetary Gear) set to Increase Comfort, Vehicle dynamics, and safety.


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