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AGM (Abosrbent Glass Mat) is among the latest cutting-edge technologies for batteries. Special micro-fiberglass mats are installed close to the lead plates of the battery and completely absorb the battery acid. High contact pressure minimizes the loss of active material with very low internal resistance. In demanding situations, larger amounts of energy can pass through as the reaction between the acid and the plate is faster.

The Bosch T6 Battery has a high capacity for enhanced feasibility of frequent charging and discharging. This significantly increases, for instance, the energetic efficiency during start/stop operations. The high deep-cycle resistance is especially beneficial for long-haul trucks with batteries that support various convenience functions. The outcome is reliable long-term operation.

Absorbent Glass Mat Technology

VRLA stands for Valve-Regulated Lead Acid. AGM batteries are also knows as VRLA batteries.

AGM batteries can be installed in ANY Auto/Truck/SUV where there is a fitting size available. AGM batteries can replace conventional flooded batteries. If your vehicle came with an AGM battery, you HAVE to replaced it with an AGM. In other words, a AGM cannot get replaced with a conventional flooded battery.

The consumer groups "Good Parent," "Busy Guy" and the "Car Enthusiast" are the adapters of new technology batteries. They drive European Cars, Mini Vans, Pick-up Trucks, Muscle Cars and care about safety, performance and cost of ownership.

With an AGM battery, you get 2 batteries in 1 – a starter battery as well as a battery that is able to cycle deeper.AGM batteries provide significant higher vibration resistance for decreased damage and corrosion compared to conventional flooded batteries. AGM batteries provide reliable starting in extreme hot and cold climates. AGM has very low internal resistance and is therefore capable of delivering high currents on demand. AGM batteries offer a DoD (depth-of-discharge) of 80%, whereas flooded batteries are specified at 50% DoD to attain the same cycle life. In other words, AGM batteries offer a higher cycling endurance for today’s demanding vehicles and driving conditions. AGM batteries do not contain any free-flowing acid inside the battery and therefore include the safest (spillproof) lead acid battery technology available. AGM batteries can be installed/oriented on the side (inverted is not recommended) and are the only type of batteries approved to be installed inside the passenger cabin. AGM batteries have more space available (no free flowing acid) for active plate material to provide higher performance and longer life than conventional flooded batteries. There is no water loss with AGM batteries, even in high heat climates. In addition, AGM batteries are maintenance free and provide significant longer life. AGM batteries recharge up to 5X faster than conventional flooded batteries, for better performance and energy capacity. AGM batteries use a recombination reaction to prevent the escape of hydrogen and oxygen gases normally lost in a flooded lead-acid battery (particularly in deep cycle applications). Also, there is no gassing with AGM batteries. AGM batteries are the only batteries approved for UPS/Fed-Ex shipping via ground, air or water.

AGM technology was developed in the 1980s for the military to improve performance and reliability of batteries.


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