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Lithium iron phosphate batteries provide numerous options and benefits compared to conventional and AGM batteries. They provide long life and extended performance. They are up to half the weight of lead-acid batteries of comparable capacity and include quad terminals for installation flexibility. The advanced Battery Management System (BMS) provides protection from over-charging, over-discharging, over-current, short circuit and excessive high- and low-temperatures.

Lithium batteries should NOT be disposed of in household garbage or recycling bins. Lithium batteries should be taken to separate recycling centers or household hazardous waste collection points. Always tape battery terminals and place battery in separate plastic bag.

Yes, if the dimensions allow and the power capacity are sufficient.

Yes, absolutely! Bosch lithium batteries are designed to perform 2X as long as lead-acid batteries under the same conditions and under extreme ambient temperatures.

8-10 years under normal conditions.

A parallel connection is when multiple batteries (up to 4 max) are connected in order to provide increased capacity. See Leisure Battery User Manual for instructions on how to properly connect batteries. A series connection is when multiple batteries of the same type and voltage (up to 4 max) are connected in order to increase voltage required, i.e., 24V, 36V, 48V. See Leisure Battery User Manual for instructions on how to properly connect batteries.

Dual Purpose batteries are designed for applications requiring a high burst of current for a short period of time to start a boat engine, generator motor or devices with high amp draw. Then they can double as a power source for your electric devices for your boat or RV. Dual Purpose batteries are a solution for boats with limited space. Deep Cycle batteries are suited for both marine and RV usage. They are designed to power the onboard electronics in your boat (i.e., fish finders, GPS, electronic trolling motors) and power your stove, microwave, radio, television, emergency back-ups and other electronics that are not connected to shore power on your RV. Deep Cycle batteries are also great anyone fishing on a lake for long periods of time – and they provide peace of mind for RV owners who enjoy prolonged dry camping or just extra time away from home. Dual Purpose and Deep Cycle batteries are not recommended for use as a starter battery in automotive applications.

The State of Charge (SoC) indicator provides a quick glance of the batteries state of charge. The sleep function disables the battery’s discharge current, turning off any connected load. It also minimizes any unintended draining of the battery and enables maximum storage duration. To enable the sleep function, push the SoC test button for >three (3) seconds. This will turn off the battery discharging, shown via an illuminated power-down animation on the SoC test indicator. To wake up the battery, push the SoC test button for >three (3) seconds. This will re-enable the discharging current, shown via an illuminated power-up animation on the SoC test indicator. NOTE: Bosch Lithium Dual Purpose and Deep Cycle Batteries are shipped in “Sleep” Mode to prevent unintended discharge of the battery. While the Bosch LB24DP Dual Purpose Battery series will still accept charging current in Sleep Mode, this is not the case for the Bosch LB24DC Deep Cycle Battery series.

A Battery Management System (BMS) prevents over-charging, over-discharging, over-current, short circuit and excessive high- and low-temperatures.

To achieve optimal performance of your application, the operating temperature of lithium-ion batteries should always be kept above 15°F.

Because safety is of utmost importance to Bosch, the Bosch Li-ion PowerSport Battery offers safe-cell technology, which has successfully withstood extensive heavy abuse safety tests including – overcharging, short circuiting and impalement testing.

AGM (Abosrbent Glass Mat) is among the latest cutting-edge technologies for batteries. Special micro-fiberglass mats are installed close to the lead plates of the battery and completely absorb the battery acid. High contact pressure minimizes the loss of active material with very low internal resistance. In demanding situations, larger amounts of energy can pass through as the reaction between the acid and the plate is faster.

If you are purchasing your own high pressure pump, you should purchase from a reputable, OE manufacturer. The quality of any remanufactured high pressure pump depends on the remanufacturing process and components.

Remanufactured does not mean “used” or “rebuilt”. It means that the part has been manufactured again. 100% of all parts are examined and the non-wearable parts are re-used. However, if there are any flaws, the part is discarded. The high pressure pump is rebuilt and all wearable components are replaced. The part is then tested before completion. The extent of the remanufacturing and testing process depends on the manufacturer.

Bosch manufactures two types of injectors for common rail – solenoid and piezo. The difference between the two injectors is the speed and precision with which they inject diesel fuel. Solenoid injectors operate at 160 microseconds, and piezo injectors operate at 100 microseconds. The two technologies are not compatible – a solenoid injector can't replace a piezo injector and vice versa.

There could be an issue with the nozzle if you are experiencing the following: Increased smoke development (especially with cold starts). Increased combustion noise when the engine is cold. The engine is running rough despite being warm You experience a loss of performance You experience increased fuel consumption If you have any of the above issues, it is recommended to take your vehicle to an experienced diesel repair shop.

Yes, Bosch TPMS Sensors must be programmed with the Bosch TPA 300 programming tool or tire pressure monitoring system tools from major suppliers in the market.

Yes, they can be reprogrammed an infinite number of times as needed.

Yes, each sensor is designed to be programmed and meet the Original Equipment specifications of the application.

Yes, Bosch TPMS Sensors are programmable to meet specific OE application quality.


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